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Introduce of turnstile


  Turnstiles were originally used, like other forms of stile, to allow human beings to pass while keeping sheep or other livestock penned in. The use of turnstiles in most modern applications has been credited to Clarence Saunders, who used them in his first Piggly Wiggly store.

  Turnstiles are used at a wide variety of settings, including stadiums, amusement parks, mass transit stations, office lobbies, airports, ski resorts, factories, power plants and casinos.

  In 1974 in Italy the company Alfi distinguished itself for conceiving the first electronic access control system with turnstile for ski lifts and tows in San Vigilio di Marebbe and the following year it supplied the new-born Superski Dolomiti ski centre with the equipment and materials required for ticket issuing and checking.

  From a business/revenue standpoint, turnstiles give an accurate, verifiable count of attendance. From a security standpoint, they lead patrons to enter single-file, so security personnel have a clear view of each patron. This enables security to efficiently isolate potential trouble or to confiscate any prohibited materials. On the other hand, physical barriers become a serious safety issue when a speedy evacuation is needed, requiring emergency exits that bypass any turnstiles.

Persons with disabilities may have difficulties using turnstiles. In these cases, generally a wide aisle gate or a manual gate may be provided. At some locations where luggage is expected, a line of turnstiles may be entirely formed of wide aisle gates, for example at Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 Underground station.

Turnstiles often use ratchet mechanisms to allow the rotation of the stile in one direction allowing ingress but preventing rotation in the other direction. They are often designed to operate only after a payment has been made, usually by inserting a coin or token in a slot; or by swiping, tapping, or inserting a paper ticket or electronically-encoded card.

Turnstiles are often used for counting the numbers of people passing through a gate, even when payment is not involved. They are used extensively in this manner in amusement parks, in order to keep track of how many people enter and exit the park and ride each ride. The first major use of turnstiles at a sporting venue was at Hampden Park in GlasgowScotland.

RS Security Co., Ltd is specialized in physical access control turnstiles; we produce tripod turnstile, full high turnstile, flap barrier, swing barrier, sliding turnstile, drop arm gate and so on.

Having been in this field over 10 years’ experience, we are now in the position to provide cost effective physical turnstile solutions. Our products are very popular both in China and oversea. So far, we have exported automatic turnstiles and gates to more than 50 countries in the world and the quantity keeps increasing.

Our turnstiles are widely used in tourist scenes, construction sites, residential areas, schools, library, restaurant, bank, port and so on.

    TYPE:tripod turnstile;swing barrier;flap barrier;sliding turnstile;drop arm barrier;full height turnstile;boom barrier

Föregående: Parking Lock Nästa: Full height turnstile
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